Fistful of Poems #1


I want to share some of the amazing poetry I've been reading lately. A lot of these I got from friends sharing on Facebook. I wish all Facebook was was sharing poems that move you. (A girl can dream.) Anyway, here are just a few highlights: 

"The Very Nervous Family" by Sabrina Orah Mark

My workshop leader from New Harmony, Ada Limón reads five poems from her brilliant Bright Dead Things, which made the 2015 National Book Award Longlist

I would then be an idiot not to mention Ross Gay's Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude, which also made the list. I was so lucky to meet him and learn from him and hear him READ, GOD! Read the title poem

I can't get "Frequently Asked Questions #9" by Camille T. Dungy out of my head. This one moves. 

"Advice on Leaving Your Own Crime Scene Gracefully" by Britt Ashley (and let's be honest, the other two too)

Issue #2 of Nepantla: A Journal Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color is out and it is epic. Fatimah Asghar's "Orphan" and Jess X. Chen's "Last Words of the Honey Bees."


TIANA CLARK won the 2015 Rattle Prize for her poem "Equilibrium." BIG DEAL, GUYS! Tiana is such a kind soul and let me use up all her coconut milk creamer in New Harmony. GO GIRL!

I'm going to start this series to catalog and share. We gotta work hard and inject beautiful language into our days or we will get sucked dry. xx