A Reminder on the Morning of the Second Debate

If it becomes too painful to watch, you are allowed to turn it off. It doesn't make you a shitty American.

If someone wants to talk about it and you're just too beat, you can be polite and firm and say "I'm not going to talk about this."

If you want to tune in, just be mindful of how it's making you feel.

Respond accordingly.

There's no weakness or shame in just shutting your laptop, turning off the TV, and watching some kitten videos on your phone instead. You likely already know who has your vote.

We're in the 11th hour of this election season and we're all very tired-- I know I am. So just remember that if you want to get off the ride, you can, and you can always come back when you're more rested, even if that isn't until you show up to your polling place in a month. 

Don't keep watching and feel rotten.

Don't keep watching and start drinking.

Don't keep watching and start arguing with your folks on Facebook.

Watch if you want, but be mindful. 

Other things you can do: go buy some groceries. Do yoga. Take your dog on a walk. Meet up with your friends. Go see a movie. Make some involved dinner. Take a bath. Stretch. Paint. Play cards.  Have sex with somebody but keep the political dirty talk out of the bedroom, for once (hehehe). 

I'm going to a debate-viewing party tonight, so this is mainly a self-reminder. You can be informed and a good citizen and still know where to draw the line in order to be kind to yourself. :)