"Aftermath" and The Studio Show

Still don't have many words about the election. Finding myself cocooning into people and art. 

So art news. My second short film "Aftermath" is live now. I'm very proud of it; it's starring the incredible Mary Young, who was a joy to work with. It was also a big technical accomplishment, as our camera wizards Chis and Dave built a brand new dolly (named Hello Dolly!) to shoot it in one take. We had some excellent players involved including Seth Adams, Adam Nicholson, Kathleen Fitzgibbon, and Ty Poppenhouse. Clare Frachey made a kick-ass song just for the film. It was the most complicated film I've made yet (aka, the more complicated of the two so far) and I'm proud of the end product. I hope you enjoy it and I'm endlessly grateful to the team that came together to work on it. 

Additionally-- in September I talked about Mental Thrillness and other projects in an interview on The Studio Show, which was also a delight.

Other than that, I don't know. I've been writing a lot of letters. I hope you're taking care.