reviewing 2016

despite the endless string of catastrophes this year i do think i grew a lot personally... probably true of most of us as turbulence fosters growth. anyway i answered these questions because reflection is important... especially when i feel like i'm grinding my gears a bit.

top 5 moments of the year:
-going to LA solo, specifically the night i went out for pho with emily and katie and a few other really tall and intimidating people and then we went to awp prom aka that dance party at the hotel
-going to Seattle solo, specifically the mornings where i went to the amazing coffee shop on capitol hill that was sucked straight out of 1998 or when sam and i navigated all those firsts like renting a car and boarding a ferry with said car and found that amazing little diner on the island on the way to china's lovely wedding
-the day i got my dog because it was this moment i had really longed for for years and i was so excited to have a pal
-studio show season 2 finale party because all of my friends came together and we celebrated all of our hard work... and there was a lot of great food catered by copper pot
-the day we shot the "Prairie State" trailer because we planned the day so well so we really got to have fun with every shot

what are you really glad is over:
the bad relationship. the election. growing out my hair!

how are you different today than you were 365 days ago?
i am braver maybe. angrier. better hair

is there anything you achieved that you forgot to celebrate?
traveled solo two times despite intense anxiety go me
ooh! i got like, for the first time, really confident in my body

who are people who really came through for you this year?
everyone. i have a great crew :)

what is something you tolerated for a long time, but now you will not?
people who complain about situations they refuse to change

what old beliefs did you let go of?
that i should be sorry all the time just for like, taking space
that i knew enough to hand out advice
that my body was unworthy or whatever
that i needed to wait for some kind of external validation before i could do things i enjoyed
that chirping about shit on facebook did anybody any good

what was the one thing you found really challenging, but can now see supported your growth?
two things:
ending a bad relationship (taught me to put myself first)
joining the studio show (taught me to put myself out there)

if you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself this time last year?
listen more
put some lipstick on you look dead