So You're In a Bad Mood

We can work with that! Use this Very Helpful Worksheet to troubleshoot the root causes of your bad vibes and get you feeling better fast.

Let's begin with the basics. Can you recall the last time you:
- stood up and stretched your legs?
- drank a glass of water?
- took three deep breaths?
- ate something healthy?
- got some good sleep?

If you feel like one of the above is lacking, address it and DO NOT PASS GO BEFORE YOU DO.

Okay, now that those Basic Needs are addressed, let's continue. Look around you.

- Are your immediate surroundings messy or cluttered?
Maybe pick up and put away five things.

- Have you been scrolling on social media, comparing yourself to others, feeling generally worldsick?
Turn off your phone for the next hour.

- Have you been isolating yourself?
Call (don't text) a friend or family member on your next break just to say hi.

- Have you been hard on yourself?
Forgive yourself, then pass each thought through the filter "Would I say this to my best friend?"

-Do you feel overwhelmed?
Make a to-do list for today. Limit it to three things and start on the first one.

-Do you still feel lost/tangled/garbage?
Can you make some art about it? 

If you're still in a bad mood, try letting people know. Your community cares and will catch you.