Hungover with a dirty house

I have lost my whole day to a bad hangover. On days like this, I feel like I'm being a bad dog owner because I want to just lay around and I'm very sad. I'm done drinking for awhile. My house is really messy right now. Last night ran into and had a very long talk with my ex boyfriend. I need to clean my body and my house. I'm definitely done drinking for awhile. I don't like this. I woke up and felt so heavy. I don't need help in the being depressed department, so why did I drink so much last night? Why do I drink so much sometimes? Because I guess I use it to punctuate very happy moments and very sad moments, and there were several of both last night, so I drank and drank. This is a boring story lots of twenty-somethings tell on Mondays and forget on Thursdays. "I gotta cool it on the drinking." I know all of that. I know I would be in great shape if I just picked up some of my belongings and put them where they're supposed to go, if I tidied up a little bit, if I went ahead and washed my dishes even though I don't feel like it, or if I walked the dog. I'll probably do that after I post this because I'll feel dumb about not getting my errands done due to some bad hangover. I ate feta fries today because I was hungover, and squeezed fresh lemons on them, and talked with my mom on the phone. I took an Uber to my car, which was downtown, and I was shaky and feeling really gross, and my driver who looked about seventeen told me that when his girlfriend is hungover she swears by Cherry Pepsi. My mom used to drink Wild Cherry Pepsi when she taught line dancing and I thought she was the most glamorous woman on the planet, with her long floral dresses and cowboy boots from a place called Abilene Texas and her big brown hair which she would set in hot rollers. It's so hot out, and boring, and I'm lonely and addicted to my smartphone. All week I've been working on a blog post, not this one but another one, that's better written because I've been drafting and redrafting it, but it still isn't ready and hasn't felt right and that's the frustrating part of artmaking, you know, when you feel that itch to make something and it just isn't coming out the way you want it. All these things will feel better soon. I just like to document a low moment to remind you that I am not authority on this stuff, I have all these tools and tips that make things better and sometimes I just don't use them for whatever reason, probably because I'm hungover and feel heavy. I'm done drinking for awhile because I just feel like sober Emma is generally happier and kinder to other people and is able to wake up before noon and keep her hair clean. I don't think I have a problem with alcohol, I just think sometimes I overdo it and when I do it's really fucking lame and makes me feel like a stupid 25 year old, which I am, but I don't need reminding about it.